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Founded in 1998 by Sharie Dekorte, we started the Salsa Revolution in KL and Malaysia, and are proud to be the 1st salsa school representing Malaysia USA, Japan, and many other international dance festivals around the world. Our instructors are firmly based in Kuala Lumpur and teach some of the best in Salsa, Bachata, Chacha, and everything street latin.

We're passionate about every student's progress. And we're proud to provide the complete package: a comfortable learning environment, progressive classes, and guidance during and after classes. Whether you have any dance background or want to augment your repertoire, our dance programs will teach how to have fun and dance well.





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Proudly presenting new classes at Havana Estudio HQ!

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News Archive

5th & 8th March, 2014: New Salsa Classes (Salsa Division)

Our monthly intakes for Salsa classes, in March classes are every Wed 8-9pm (5/Mar) or Sat 3-4pm (8/Mar). Our Wed class enrollment is closed, but Sat 3-4pm is still available. For those who wanna join from class 2 (15/Mar), please contact us to arrange for a make-up class before class 2. At Havana Estudio Salsa Division, 56A Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, TTDI. Please contact Emily 012-305-8503 or Raj 012-369-6790.

22nd February, 2014: Havana Estudio's 126th Salsa Social (Salsa Division)

Come party with us at our end-month Salsa Social. Our students, alum, and friends will partying the night away in the comforts of our studio! Ideal for those who wanna see how music-addicted passion-infused salsa students of our studio dance the night away. Check out our Facebook page. At Havana Estudio Salsa Division, 56A Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, TTDI. Please contact Emily 012-305-8503, Raj 012-369-6790, or Dom 013-361-9999.

16th February, 2014: Havana Estudio CSR to SHELTAR Petaling Jaya

Our CSR in support of activities on 16th February Sun 2-4pm at Sheltar, 9 Jalan Barat, Petaling Jaya. Sharie, our Principal, will bring along our instructors Luciano (Hip Hop), Akio (Hip Hop), Kong Eu (Rhythm Tap), and Bryan (Rhythm Tap), and other instructors and students. We're planning some fun-filled cheers for the children and staff. Join us! Please contact Sharie 012-295-2890 or Bryan 016-341-7005.

Tap Jam Jan 2014

17th January, 2014: Tap Jam (HQ)

Kicking off 2014 with a pure rhythms, pure energy! Program includes introduction by Kong Eu, our Rhythm Tap director, a casual dance-off by graduating class students, veteran teams, and instructors, and a pizza social. Bring your friends and family!

Event Day & Time: 17/Jan Sat 8pm 'till late!

Location: Havana Estudio HQ, 34B Persiaran Zaaba, TTDI.

Contact: Kong Eu 012-379-3779 or Bryan 016-341-7005.


4th & 8th January, 2014: New Bachata Classes (Salsa Division)

Every Sat 4-5pm or Wed 9-10pm! At Havana Estudio Salsa Division, 56A Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, TTDI. Classes will incorporate our all-new 2014 Bachata syllabus, and will focus on not only basic steps but - more importantly - feeling the music and good body movement. Classes are twice a week, with a mirror class to make sure you don't miss your once a week classes. Please contact Sam 012-280-6969.

17th July, 2013: New Swing Class Intake

Every Wednesday 8-9pm! At Havana Estudio HQ, 34B Persiaran Zaaba, TTDI. After our very popular free trial class last week 10/Jul, we are proud to present Swing classes every Wed 8-9pm. Please contact Sharie at 012-295-2890 or email.

24th July, 2013: Free Trial Hip Hop Class

Wednesday 8-9pm! At Havana Estudio HQ, 34B Persiaran Zaaba, TTDI. Free trial Hip Hop class with Akio Kato from Japan & Australia. He specializes in Hip Hop, and loves mixing elements of other sub-styles like Locking, Reggae and Popping in his choregraphy. See the facebook page or contact Sharie at 012-295-2890 or email.

28th April, 2013: New Bachata Class Intake

Every Sunday 3-4pm starting 28/04/13! Classes incorporate all-new syllabus, and will focus on not only steps but feeling the music and good body movement. Learning Bachata will increase your repertoire of dances you can dance at our studio and club parties, as well as improve your Salsa and dance skills in general. Ask anyone who's in this class, they can testify! Requires Salsa B1 or permission of instructor. For more info, please see our Bachata page or contact Sam 012-280-6969.

9th April, 2013: Launch of our Street Chacha Program

Based on the 40+ people who enjoyed our workshop at our studio party in March, we are proud to launch our Street Chacha classes. Requires Salsa experience, Salsa Imp1 recommended for Level 1, Salsa Int1 recommended for Levrl 2.

16th March, 2013: Launch of our Dominican-style Bachata program

We are now offering a new dance program called "Dominican style" Bachata. This 2-hour Workshop now continues with on-going classes at Sat 5-6pm, i.e. our Bachata Level 2, bringing you the latest trends in the world of Bachata for students with Salsa and Bachata experience.

12th March, 2013: New Releases in our Music Club

We are now offering 7 new Salsa and 7 new Bachata music CDs for members of our Music Club. Music especially selected, remixed, and compiled by DJ SalsaSam to give you a variety of music to inspire your dancing, build your music collection, and for pure pleasure. Includes evergreen stuff from the classic 70s to all-new 2013 releases. Get yours today!

10th March, 2013: Congratulations to our new Salsa Instructor: Dom Kee!

After months of training and a stringent selection process, another of our more advanced students are now certified to teach Salsa. With at least 4 years of Salsa experience and at least 500 hours of training under his belt, we know you'll enjoy teaching and sharing what you know.

At Havana Estudio, we believe in continuous learning, and even when class is over, our Instructors are very likely to continue guiding students, especially in their Salsa journey from classes to enjoying social dancing.

3rd March, 2013: Ladies & Men's Salsa Dance Shoes available at our studio

For those who don't have the time to go to the specialist shoe shop, we are now offering dance shoes at our studio. Please check out our collection in our display cabinet at our studio reception.

14th February, 2013: Studio Renovation

Thank to your continued support, we managed to squeeze in a little renovation to our studio to give you a newer & better studio in this new Chinese New Year of the Snake!

11th January, 2013: Re-Launch of our Beginner Socials

After organizing a few in 2011 and 2012, we are re-launching a new & improved Beginner Social program. These are Beginner-exclusive Salsa parties in the comforts of our studio, where students have a fun time practicing their Salsa moves with the classmates and have exclusive access to all our Salsa Instructors and more advanced students. Based on feedback, our Beginners love the party concept and find themselves transformed from just class room students to dancers with confidence and have a great time!

29th December, 2012: Discounts for Early Bird, Student Referral, and Package Purchases

In our bid to ease the financials of our continuing students and encourage early registration of new students, we are now offering discounts & special rates. New Beg1 students who register with full payment before Class 1 day get RM40 off, new Beg1 students who register 7 days in advance get free membership to our Music Club, while continuing students enjoy Student Referrals, Early Bird discounts (RM20 off), and Package Purchases (up to 20% to 50% off class fees). Also, your early registration allows us to ensure a good number of girls & guys for partner dancing!

8th December, 2012: Launch of our 2013 Salsa Syllabus

Havana Estudio is known as one of the best studios to learn Salsa in Malaysia. Our emphasis on our structured program quickly transform students (who don't miss class) from zero to hero in a fun environment. Our students develop strong fundamentals, proper basics, and find a lot of joy from Salsa dancing! Like a good university where new research & development in post-doc/grad-level research programs trickle down to improvements in the way first-year students are taught, we tweak our entire syllabus every year.

This year, Improvements are made with the student as our #1 priority, making it easy for new students to learn Salsa (Beg1), retain moves learnt in class (Beg1 & Beg2), giving students a good variety of dance moves (Beg1, Beg2, and Imp1), and transitioning our students to the Intermediate level (Imp2). We continuously update our syllabus with the latest trends in the Salsa universe, incorporating new techniques in dancing, spinning, and styling from the beginning and especially at our Intermediate levels (Level 5, 6 and 7).

12-15/10/12 12th-15th October, 2012: Havana Estudio represents Malaysia at the 2012 Singapore International Salsa Festival

At one of the most prestigious salsa festivals in the region, with three teams, 20 dancers, 3 amazing Salsa and Bachata choreographies, and an entourage of over 50 students from Malaysia. You guys rocked the international stage!

02/10/13 2nd October, 2012: Congratulations to our new Salsa Instructors: Jerry Lee & Adela Jiram!

After months of training and a stringent selection process, two of our more advanced students are now certified to teach Salsa. With at least 4 years of Salsa experience and at least 500 hours of training under their belt each, we know you'll enjoy teaching and sharing what you know.

22/09/12 22nd September, 2012: Havana Estudio's 14th Anniversary Party

Our studio celebrated our 14th year at the prestigious Bentley Music Auditorium with performances by 46 dancers, 4 amazing choreographies and teams. It was a definite night to remember!

05/05/12 5th May, 2012: Congratulations to our new Salsa Instructors: Raj Subramaniam & Emily Chua!

After months of training and a stringent selection process, our more advanced students are now certified to teach Salsa. With at least 5 years of Salsa experience and at least 500 hours of training under their belt each, our Instructors are chosen not only because they can dance but genuinely care for their students.

Since launching our new website in November, 2012:Flag Counter

See our profile at KualaLumpurClasses.com.

New Classes

(Salsa Division)

Salsa at HESD
Salsa Beginner 1 (By Intake)
our next intake starts either:
7/Sep Sun 3-4pm (Raj)
or 9/Sep Tue 9-10pm (Emily)

RM240* for 8 classes (RM40 discount for RM200 cash nett available)

Contact Raj 012-369-6790
or Emily 012-305-8503 or Sam 012-280-6969. Any changes in schedule will be notified by instructor(s).


Open Hours: Tue-Thu 7pm-10pm, Sat-Sun 2-6pm. Address: 56A Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, TTDI, Kuala Lumpur.

Salsa B2, Imp1, Imp2 (Closed)
for students in our program only, includes Partnerwork, Lead/Follow, Basic Musicality, Shines, Styling.

RM240* for 8 classes

Salsa Intermediate (Open)
on-going classes either:
Sun 4:00-5:30pm
or Tue 9:00-10:30pm

RM240* for 8 classes

Salsa at HESDRueda Intermediate (Open)
on-going class:
Thu 8-9pm

RM240* for 8 classes

Salsa at HESDBachata Beginner (By Intake)
Our next intake starts either:
13/Sep Sat 4-5pm (Sam)

RM240* for 8 classes

Bachata Intermediate (Open)
on-going classes:
Wed 9:00-10:00pm

RM240* for 8 classes


* RM50 cash for 1 drop-in class, RM240 cash for 8 classeson class day, RM40 discount if fully paid before class day, other discounts, packages, and terms available.


Open = Anyone can join, with or without experience. Self assessment strongly advised. You can always talk to the instructor before joining.

By Intake = Anyone can join but must start on a specific start date of Class i.e. Class #1. After which, instructor has discretion to admit students after required class(es).

Private = By instructor permission only. Requires specific pre-requisites to be met. Always better to discuss one-on-one, please contact us.

New Class Intakes

(HQ Division)

Rhythm Tap
Rhythm Tap

23/Feb Sun 1:30pm




4/Mar Tue 9am

or 6/Mar Thu 9am


Funky Mix

Funky Mix

7/Mar Fri 8pm


Contact: Sharie 012-295-2890

34B Persiaran Zaaba, TTDI, Kuala Lumpur.

Join-Anytime Classes


Hip Hop (Kids)

Sun 3:00pm


Hip Hip (Adults)

Wed 8:30pm


Yoga (Beg)

Sun 9:00am


Yoga (Beg)

Tue 7:00pm


Contact: Sharie 012-295-2890

34B Persiaran Zaaba, TTDI, Kuala Lumpur.

Our studios is in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. And very near to Mont Kiara, Hartamas, Bangsar, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, and the Damansara area.

Student Testimony

3 letters: F-U-N!!! :-)

Christine Wu (Jan'10 Intake)

Coming back to the studio always brings back a lot of good memories.

Robin Koh (Jun'03 Intake), Instructor, Fusion Dance Shaghai, China.

This is the man that showed me salsa, that influenced my love for salsa and also influenced my style of teaching. I've learned from the best!

Johan Haris ('02 Intake), Latin Dance Nation, Australia.

Salsa's a good form of body therapy. u gonna meet lots of exciting people at Havana Estudio :)

Maslina Mohamad (Jan'11 Intake)

Salsa is a life-changing experience. Enjoyable music, intricate dance moves, THIS is life...

Andrew Tng (Sep'05 Intake)

Great teachers, fun company, and class environment. We're coming back to classes soon! :)

Serina Sue Ibrahim (Feb'11 Intake)

Salsa makes me feel sexy n confident, Havana Estudio is the best place to learn n enjoy!

Ong Tou (Oct'06 Intake)

You guys are the bomb!! Super proud to be a Havana Estudio student!!

Adela Ida (Feb'08 Intake)

It used to be time-out after work. Now part of my life, Salsa is sexy & sensual. And everyone is so friendly.

Tang Wei Yee (Apr'10 Intake)

I love the structure... I've learned solid technique which is key to being confident on the dance floor. All thanks to Havana Estudio!

Arin Askandar (Sep'09 Intake)

The best place to meet the coolest people in town, Havana Estudio instructors are fun & lively! Let's salsa and forget all the other stuff :)

Fong Kit Wah (Oct'10 Intake)

Salsa's an awesome dance, challenging n expressive. To experience is to indulge...

Freddy Loh (Jul'07 Intake)

Havana Estudio's given me a solid foundation. The creativity of partnerwork I've learned is second to none - they're fun & it works on the dance floor!

Tung Swee Puan ('05 Intake)

Salsa is sensual. I like Havana Estudio bcoz I enjoy da company. They r down to earth people...

Diana Jaafar (Jun'07 Intake)

Dancing is good 4 body, mind, n spirit. Salsa is spontaneous, easy n fun. Instructors are methodical, pleasant n encouraging...

James Ong (Jul'09 Intake)

Thank for giving me such good training in following. Also, for producing so many fun social dancers over the years...

Marion Qua (Feb'05 Intake)

You are the best master I have seen so far and really thank you so much...

Rajah Muthukrishnansamy (Mar'12 Intake)

It is undeniable that Havana Estudio guys have the best etiquette in town...

Linnet Lee (Jun'09 Intake)

Salsa always puts a smile on my face, keeps me in shape, and I'm always in a better mood...

Darren Tan (Apr'10 Intake)

I found joy in Salsa. Havana Estudio's not just a studio it's a family. Great friendships can be found in dancing...

Jameela Abdul Manap (Apr'10 Intake)

Experienced & passionate, our instructors understand & patiently guide students. For someone who has never danced before this, now I can. Thanks, Havana Estudio!

Bernard Lee (Oct'10 Intake)

Life = Fun! = Salsa!! = Havana Estudio!!

Regina Neoh (Jun'07 Intake)

I found Salsa is a healthy social activity. And Havana Estudio is a good place where I learn from day one. Instructors have passion in teaching!

Jai Othman (Jul'08 Intake)

Salsa is a very expressive dance, Havana Estudio is great because instructors make learning so fun & easy!

Teoh Sue Ling (Jan'11 Intake)

Salsa Perf at KLPerformances & Shows

With experience with private and corporate clients since the early 90's, we have a staggering choice of dance styles to meet your needs, whether big or small...

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