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Capoeira Classes

Capoeira is a form of martial art that combines self-defense with music and acrobatics. It was developed in Brazil over 400 years ago. Love of music united these cultures on the streets of Brazil and it was not long before the roots of Capoeira were planted. Music inspired dancing, comraderie inspired play, aggression inspired self-defense. Read more at Capoeira Camara Malaysia's blog here.

Soldado is passionate about Capoeira and submits himself towards educating his student on physical training, its music, its history and its philosophy. He hopes to develop and promote Capoeira as a means of enriching people with different international cultures and also as a bridge that connects people and societies of various backgrounds.

Fri 8:00-9:30pm (All Levels),
Sat 10:30am-12:00pm (Basic),
Sun 4:00-6:00pm (All Levels, Music, Roda).

Adult Price: Drop-In (1 session) RM45, 1 Month RM150, 2 Months RM280,
Student Price: Drop-In (1 session) RM38, 1 Month RM100, 2 Months RM180.

Most if his student come in track bottoms, martial art bottoms, or comfortable clothes. Bare feet recommended. Please talk to your instructor.

Trained in Capoeira since 16 under the guidance of the legendary Mestre Liminha, Mestre Joao Capoeira and Mestre Grillo, Soldado also has a vast martial arts background in Taekwondo, Karate, and Submission Jiu-Jitsu. Soldado's natural talent for Capoeira brings him all over the world, and now to Malaysia.

Soldado is certified in the courses of Capoeira Angola and Physical/Sports Science, has been participating in the Cultural Festivals in Igarassu, Brazil and conducting Capoeira courses of his own. He is also the instructor cum teacher in private high schools and the Styllo Fitness Centre in his hometown. In Malaysia, his knowledge and experience are sought after by students of the Havana Estudio, Lim Kok Wing Universities (Cyberjaya and KL Center), CRUSH Mixed Martial Arts Centre, and The Dance and Music House in Klang, just to name a few. Besides teaching, he has also participated in numerous Capoeira, Samba and music performances as well as workshops.

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Soldado 016-971-1765
Sharie 012-295-2890

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34B Persiaran Zaaba,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

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