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Gypsy Flamenco Dance Classes

As far back as the 16th Century, Gypsy Flamenco was a synthesis of, at least, the four cultures of the Gypsies, the Arabs, the Jews, and indegenious Andalucian spaniards.

Kayla teaches Andalusian gypsy Flamenco. Her introductory and Beginner-level courses are fun and provide you with an understanding of the complex rhythms. She will train your posture, co-ordination and help you develop the physical strength in order to learn whole pieces of Flamenco choreography. Kayla is available for solo & individual private lessons in the Studio, group private lessons in the Studio, lessons at your location, shows, performances, and choreography.

"It is fundamental and essential to begin learning Flamenco with good technique."

Sat 4:00-5:00pm
Sat 5:00-6:00pm

RM130 for 4 classes.

Beginner Senoritas

Comfortable attire is fine, a full skirt is optional but recommended if you have one. Shoes - Most important that your shos are comfortable, closed in footwear with a solid 1 to 2 inch heel i.e. character shoes / fashion court shoes are fine. Cuban heel recommended. Please no spiked heels or strappy sandals, they can be dangerous.

Beginner Senors

Comfortable trousers and shirt. Shoes - Most important that your shoes are comfortable. Solid closed in shoes or boots preferably with a Cuban heel.

Returning Students / Students With Experience

Kayla imports flamenco shoes, boots and accessories from Spain; she also can have skirts made locally for you. Please talk to your instructor for more details.

Dancing for most of her life, Kayla's a natural dancing athlete with the ability and energy to explore a variety of dance styles. In 1985, she discovered a raw earthiness of gypsy Flamenco and has never looked back. She studied Flamenco with many teachers in Melbourne and guest artists from Spain. One instructor in particular, Conchita became her mentor. Conchita, an Andalusian gypsy was raised in and trained in Cordoba, then moved to Australia and began teaching Flamenco since the mid-1960's.

Today, Kayla performs with or without her Flamenco guitarist for corporate clients and private functions around Malaysia. In performance Kayla takes you on a journey of mesmerising rhythms and visual elegance, allowing audiences to witness the depth of her character.

Basic Class

Basic class will introduce the basics of Flamenco dance and rhythms. We'll cover posture, arm and hand movements, footwork technique and strengthening exercises, marking steps, palmas and Flamenco rhythms. Students will learn the basic rhythmic structure of many Flamenco dance forms including Tangos, Sevillanas, Soleares and Bulerias. During these classes we will attempt to strengthen posture and develop line and attitude.

Beginner Class

After a solid foundation, the Beginners classes will explore more Flamenco movement. We will teach you choreagraphy which will improve your focus on and develop deeper understanding of technique and movement. We will explore exciting movement and dance expressions alongside different rhythms.

Sevillanas / Tangos Choreography Class

Building on Beginner level, these classes will focus on Sevillanas and Tangos choreography. Recommended pre-requisite: completion of Flamenco Beginners, or some experience (please talk to your Instructor).

Soleares Choreography Class

Builds on Beginner, Sevillanas, and Tangos. Classes will focus on Castanet technique and Soleares choreography. Please discuss pre-requisites with your Instructor.

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Kayla 016-348-5019
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